3 medals won by the athlete Bianca Molie in the World Championship

The athlete Bianca Molie, legitimated to the Botosani Sports Club and sponsored by Electroalfa won 3 medals in the World Weightlifting Championship Junior II which took place in Russia.

Bianca won the silver medal in the snatch style with 106 kg, being surpassed by the Russian athlete Diana Ahmetova, with 108 kg, while the bronze medal was won by an athlete from North Korea, Kim Hyo Sim, 105 kg. She won a bronze medal in the snatch style with 121 kg, the first two places being occupied by Ahemtova, 128 kg, and Kim, 124 kg. The third bronze medal was won for the total of 227 kg, ranking after the two above named weightlifters.

We congratulate Bianca for her performance.