Bianca Molie, medalist in the European Senior Weightlifting Competition

Bianca Molie, the athlete of CS Botosani, sponsored by Electroalfa, won a silver medal in the European Weightlifting Championship from Tel Aviv. The performance was obtained in the snatch style, with 105 kilograms, the title being awarded to the Bielorussian Dzina Sazanavets with115kg. Bianca ranked in the fifth place in the clean and jerk style, 120kg and 4th place for the total with 225kg.

The 18-year-old athlete, triple medalist, a gold medal and two silver medals at the World Junior Championship last year, managed to climb on the podium on Wednesday, 10 April, in her first participation in a senior competition.

We congratulate our athlete and we wish her every success in the future competitions.