Commissioning of the Photovoltaic Park located in Rediu, Botosani

Electroalfa completed its first PV project which is located in the surroundings of Botosani.

The rated power of 3.5 MW should input yearly into the National Power Grid 4.500MWh of electrical power produced from a renewable energy source. The project is the only of this kind in the Moldova region and one of the few in the country, the investing being granted 31 % by European Union. The park has a surface of 85000 sqm and 12168 solar  panels installed.

The photovoltaic power plant is made of polycrystalline panels of 285 Wp (Trina Solar), mounted on a steel structure, with an angle compared to the ground of 32 degrees, south facing.  An uncentralized network solution using 507 inverters of 7 kW (SMA) was chosen, connected into 111 junction boxes, 22 distribution boxes and 4 transformer substations (made and installed by Electroalfa). The tests and the commissioning of the photovoltaic park were successfully finalized in November, actually the park being 100% functional. The official opening is scheduled for January 2013.

Beside the Photovoltaic Park in Botosani, Electroalfa has a pipeline of 70 de MW in Olt and Dolj, Romania. Each of these projects has a rated power of 5 and 10 MW, currently being in the project development stage.