Certificates and Licenses

Openly and responsibly cultivating quality made us look for and acquire the most advanced technologies. This fact has been confirmed by the assessments obtained through national and international certificates.

By taming the raw energy, we offer to people and world businesses the joy of finding that the usefulness of our solutions comes from the success they can generate.

It is our wish, for developing the most reliable products and for staying connected to the latest technologies, which drove us to implement and run an Integrated Management system based on the provisions of SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005, SR OHSAS 18001:2008 which was audited and certified by SRAC CERT.

We hold also the following certifications:

  • certificate issued by the National Council for the Nuclear Activites Control (CNCAN) on the nuclear field of manufacturing;
  • certificate issued by Romanian Authority for the Energy Regulation (ANRE);
  • certificate of registered supplier for Transelectrica, Electrica and E.ON Moldova;
  • certificate issued by the Romanian Railway Authority (AFER), by the Romanian Ship Authority (ANR) and by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Autority (CAA);
  • authorization for land improvement projects (civil works and installation and commissioning works) issued by the Agriculture, Woods and Rural Development Ministry;
  • certificate issued by the Permanent Technical Council for Buildings;
  • ‘BV MODE II SCHEME’ by Bureau Veritas for electrical switchboards and steel enclosures, marine and offshore applications.