Electroalfa has inaugurated the Research and Development Center

On Wednesday, 9 March Electroalfa organized a press conference for the end of the project “Development of the research and development activity in order to increase the capacity of innovation and competitiveness of SC Electro Alfa International SRL“, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The total value of the project is Lei 19,625,722, out of which the non-reimbursable financial assistance is Lei 6,873,582.

The completion of this project means for us the inauguration of the Research and Development Center. The Center was built from zero in the vicinity of the Steelwork Factory and is composed of a Prototype Workshop where new products will be manufactured and a Laboratory where the prototypes will be tested. The endowments with machinery, equipment and software applications are highly performing. There will be 25 people, the employees of the Research and Development Division of the company, working in the Center.

“We have managed to bring to an end an idea which seemed crazy in the beginning. This center will contribute to the manufacturing of new products, the optimization of the existing products so that the activity carried out by the company may grow. It is an objective which I want to consider special from all points of view. The research and development activity started in 1993… It is one of the activities dear to my heart and full of joy for me, as a specialist” said the President Gheorghe Ciubotaru at the opening of the Research and Development Center.