Electroalfa, 20 years for the future

This July, Electroalfa celebrates 20 years of business, a time when the company become an important player on the Romanian electrical market and one of the main manufacturer of electrical equipment for power producing and distribution.

Electroalfa stands today for 10 sales offices, 4 manufacturing branches, 3 state of the art factories and a strong brand, based on the experience and devotion of 340 de specialists.

We believe that today, when we celebrate 20 years of activity, we reached the professional and operational maturity, which allow us to approach the market with a new internal organisation, based on business units.

The  new structure includes the following business units: Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, Power Distribution Equipment, Turnkey Projects, Steel parts, Maintenance and Green Energy. While the first set of six entities appeared based on the existing products and services range, the seventh entity approaches a new field of activity.

The new business structure provides a better management for each product line, being the result of  ambitious strategical plans for development. The basis of this process was the continuous care for maximizing the market contact, the flexibility and adaptability to the changes which are part of today business model.

The celebration of our 20 years of business is a great opportunity to thank all the people who were beside us and who supported us to build this success story. We shall celebrate together with them, friends and partners, colleagues and business partners, on the 6th and 8th of July 2011.