Electroalfa awarded the athlete Bianca Molie for the results obtained in the European Senior Weightlifting Championship in April 2014

On Wednesday, 23 April 2014, Electroalfa awarded the athlete Bianca Molie from CS Botosani for the performance obtained in the first senior competition in which she participated: the European Weightlifting Championship from Tel Aviv. Bianca competed in the 69 kg category and ranked in the second place in the snatch style-105kg, 5th place in the clean and jerk style -120 kg and 4th place for the total -225 kg.

Since the age of 12 Bianca Molie has been in the weightlifting team of CS Botosani and she spends most of her time in training camps. Her record includes medals in the European and world junior competitions, but also in the national weightlifting competitions. The young athlete will turn 18 on 27 April and she has been supported by Electroalfa since October 2012. The sponsorship includes effort allowances, equipment, insurance, recovery camp, but also awards according to the performances.

“My goal is to obtain even better results at the World Junior Championship in Russia. My target in the long run is to win a medal at the Olympic Games in Brazil”, said Bianca during the meeting from CS Botosani in which she participated together with Mrs.Mia Roata, Manager of the Club.

“Bianca’s performance is exceptional, it really deserves to be awarded and advertised. We congratulate both the athlete and her coach, Mr.Constantin Urdas. We are delighted to support a young sports value of Romania”, said Laura Dorofte, Marketing Manager at Electroalfa.