Electroalfa unveils its new brand

Electroalfa unveils its new brand, as a consequence of a long process aimed at the repositioning of the organisation in response to internal and external changes. After a complex audit undertaken by an experienced independent consultant, the resulting corporate mission, vision and values, as well as the new communication strategy were finally translated into a new corporate identity and a modern house style.

Among the decisions concerning the brand’s architecture there was the adoption of a new, simplified name Electroalfa, uniting the previous two businesses: Electro Alfa GMC and Electro Alfa International. Among the decisions affecting the brand’s positioning there was the adoption of a new slogan (‘friend and partner’), playing the role of an internal and external motivational vector.

“Our strategic need to differentiate has determined the launch of the rebranding process in april 2005. We wanted to have a new brand and a new visual identity, in order to build and constantly improve our image. It is absolutely necessary that the image we project is as clear and sincere as the values that took us to succeed: total quality that is confirmed by our clients, seriousness, social responsibility, our capacity to innovate, and our friendliness’, said Gheorghe Ciubotaru, Electroalfa’s President.


‘Our partners must be fully aware that our products are built by a team of passionate professionals. We are proud to affirm that here at Electroalfa, the human and technological effort are intermingled in order to create value for our customers. That’s how we build not only business relationships, but long lasting friendships underlining our special character, building uniqueness, and fueling the highly-praised name we have fighted for over the years’, said Laura Danila, Marketing Manager.

The new logo emphasizes the characteristics of the organization. Its fluid shape, dynamics, balance and colors are truly impressive, while the specific typography of the name adds a distinct note to the whole composition.

‘The new brand differentiates Electroalfa’s products and services in a way that is unique and compelling for the company’s employees, clients, partners and distributors. The new visual identity is now straightforwardly expressed, being capable to sustain and nurture the company’s set of core values’, added Gabi Toth, the consultant who created the brand platform and the visual identity system.

The implementation of the new brand is currently taking place and will last until the end of 2007.