Electroalfa- partner at Energypedia Conference 2012

Electroalfa will participate as Platinum Partner at Energypedia 2012 Conference, organized by CEZ Group on 9-10th of October at Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest.

During the event there will be debates regarding the most important aspects of the energy market in the present, long-term projects in the energetic field, debates on existing issues that could generate viable solutions in the future. Also, there will be discussions on topics such as the new energy law, renewable energy law, the network status and forecasts, new methods of financing new projects, public and private partnerships for new projects, improving the network and the energy quality in Oltenia.

Energypedia will gather representatives from the most important sectors of the energy market: distribution, sales, conventional energy and renewable energy production.

Event schedule:

Tuesday, October 9

Session I – Strategies, Policies, Rules

Debates: Energy new law/ Renewable energy law/ Efficient cogeneration – support scheme

Session II – Future energetic projects

Debates: network status and forecasts/ new methods of financing the new projects/ Public-private partnerships for new projects/ Improving the network in Dobrocea

Wednesday, October 10

Session I – Network operators

Topics: power quality/ third regulatory period/ standards of performance/ energy storage/ energy loss/ new compressions

Session II – Energy Production

Topics: the present and the future of energy production; classical production; cogeneration and renewable energy

Session III – Price Liberalization

Topics: the support Mechanism for vulnerable client/ the impact in the invoice/ liberalization programme.

For more information please visit www.energypedia.ro.