Electroalfa permanently adapt their products to customer requirements – Low voltage Cabinet MCC PC & Type DISMOD-T3

Being aware that only permanently connected to customers requests we will be able to offer the best response, we always optimize our products.

The main distribution board with fixed compartments and withdrawable slide-boxes, 001-2009 series, is an assembly of low voltage switchgear with modular structure, representing the optimal solution in electrical distribution, automation, motor control and protection for all industrial applications, infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings.

The electric boards have been made usually in sets of sections prepared for mounting and connecting the electrical equipment needed to carry out an application and any subsequent extensions or modifications.

The metallic structure of each section has at the bottom a metallic frame realized from from steel plate profiles, holed on the entire length.
The electrical connection of the main busbars between two sections or groups of sections which are adjacent is done through straps.
The special performances of this product are confirmed by the successful passage of the assays and type-tests that has undergone.

Thus, during 21-25.11.2009, ” DISMOD T3 type PC&MCC In=800-5.000A main distribution board ” was tested at ICMET Craiova in order to meet the provisions of SR EN 60439-1:2001 and SR EN 60439/A1:2004 regulations.

A tested electrical equipment offers the guarantee for tested technical solutions, optimal internal architecture, continuous functioning of the assembly, under conditions of maximum security and opportunities for future expansion with minimal changes.

Together with high quality products, we offer to our customers support for installation and commissioning, training for operational personnel, maintenance and post-warranty service.