Electroalfa strengthened its Top Management team

Starting on January 2008 the leadership of Electroalfa company was taken over by Lucretia Codreanu, who shall hold the Electroalfa General Director position and Ionel Parpalea, which shall hold the Deputy General Director position.

Lucretia Codreanu is the General Director of Electroalfa, having an experience of over 30 years in finance and over 16 years of management and coordination. Being one of the first employees of the company, Lucretia Codreanu played an essential role in Electroalfa’s growth and development, becoming the main Romanian producer and supplier in electrical industry, holding today a leading position in the hierarchy of specialized companies.

“Lucretia Codreanu is a fully professional, loyal and fair person, who joined the company from the beginning. A competent person who has continuously improved herself. This new position is a natural stage in her professional evolution.”- stated Gheorghe Ciubotaru, Electroalfa President

Ionel Parpalea, the new Deputy General Director of Electroalfa, joined the company in 1995. He graduated in 1986 “Gheorghe Asachi” Polytechnic Institute from Iasi, Electrotechnic Specialisation.

From 2005 up to present he has been Research-Development Director, having a large experience in the electrotechnic domain.

“For understanding the specialist Ionel Parpalea it’s necessary to study the projects he managed, with a lot of talent and ingenuity. An experienced person, a man with spirit of initiative, who manages to build and coordinate teams.”- asserted Gheorghe Ciubotaru, President of Electroalfa

“I am convinced that this new company’s management team will join its forces and energy to carry on the success of Electroalfa, by identifying new opportunities for development and by strengthening the relationships with the collaborators.”- states Gheorghe Ciubotaru, President of Electroalfa