Electroalfa and „Open Wings”

Over time, Electroalfa transformed the interest for bringing support in all fields of cultural, social, economic and educational areas to become an undisputed tradition.

Already in the sixth edition, the literary creation contest Open Wings, having in view the motivation, youth literary creative act stimulation and promotion, found also this time a strong ally on Electroalfa company.

The prizes awarded each year in the Mihai Eminescu Theater performance hall, within the Winners Gala, returned to youth whose literary creations have outdone themselves.

„I want to thank the students who continued to write poems and for the fact that their imagination was not alloyed by the crisis of grown-ups. I want to thank teachers for encouraging students to send their lyrics to the jury and for not accepting that the students which are poets, to enter a self knowing crisis. I am pleased that the jury had to enter a time crisis in order to do its job for publishing the poetries in the verses volume and to establish who the winners are. I want to thank the Eminescu Theater hosts, because in crisis conditions we were warmly entertained. I also want to thank those who came to the Gala, for showing that the poetry interest is not in crisis. I also want to congratulate Mrs. Viorica Afrasânei for not letting the crisis to stop the “Open wings” poetry contest. Finally, I would not want to panic you, by talking about the crisis, so I will be silent. Just by saying you that we will continue.”- Gheorghe Ciubotaru, President.

Electroalfa will continue to support talented young people and to be with them as a true Friend and Partner, also within further editions of Open Wings, looking them forward with joy and interest.