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Indoor cabinets

The cabinet will be used to power telecommunications equipment including mobile networks. The power will be supplied with grounded “+” and the power system will be “-48Vdc” type (upon beneficiary’s request also other voltage levels can be provided).

The modular design concept allows:
• Easy adaptation to conditions on site
• Compliance with requirements related to weight density on the floor
• Ease of transport
• Easy Expansion

Technical data
Maximum number of rectifiers 12x2000W
Supply voltage

  • single-phase
  • three-phase
  • three-phase
  • 230Vac
  • 230Vac (Δ)
  • 400Vac+N (Y)
Frequency - 45 ± 66Hz
Sizes (LxDxH)
  • 600x600x1400mm
  • 600x600x1800mm
  • 600x600x2200mm
Approximate weight, with no rectifiers and bateries 1400mm/ 70kg 1800mm/ 90kg 2200mm/ 110kg
Normal protection degree IP20



Technical data extended text: AC and DC Power Supplies (.pdf)

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