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Outdoor cabinets with integrated thermal management

The outdoor cabinet with integrated thermal management is used as a connection point for hosting wireless, optical fibre, TV cable, DSL and WLAN applications equipment and is designed to withstand various environmental conditions, the microclimate inside the cabinet being achieved in accordance with the environmental temperature and humidity (specified by the customer). The microclimate inside the cabinet is preserved at the required level required by the customer via the heating management units (heaters for temperatures below 10 ° C and/ or fans, integrated air/ air heat exchangers for temperatures above 25°C).

The specific cooling capacity is about 22W/K, subject to the fans’ speed.
The heat exchanger’s input power is 48 VDC, total 30 W for 4 fans (max. 7.5W for each fan).

Technical data
Maximum power 120W
Rated current 2,5A
Rated voltage 48 V c.c.
Available space 6U (1U=44.45mm)
Normal protection degree IP 55



Technical data extended text: AC and DC Power Supplies (.pdf)

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