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Control, signaling and protection panels for 110/20(6)kV power substations

The 110 kV control and protection panels are aimed for the transformer substations within electrical power supply and distribution companies and provide protection, control, interlocking, automation and SCADA functions. The protection systems are performant and their configuration is compatible and integrated into the control-protection systems with hierarchical, distributed and open type architecture, fully redundant and dedicated to the present EMS/SCADA applications.

    The protection panels can be:

  • 110kV overhead lines protection panels
  • 110/20(6)kV transformer protection panels
  • 110 kV coupling protection panels
  • SCADA panels
  • Arc-suppression coil automation panels

The products comply with the technical standards of the companies providing power generation, transmission and distribution nationwide as Transelectrica (the national electricity transmission operator), CEZ Group, E.ON AG, Electrica SA (regional electricity operators).

Technical data extended text: Low Voltage Catalogue (.pdf)

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