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DC/AC Auxiliary Services panels 400/230 VAC/48…220VDC

The 400/230 Vac and 48…220Vdc auxiliary services cabinets are designated to supply the low voltage consumers within the 110/20(6)kV transformer substations of the power supply and distribution companies: Electrica SA, CEZ Group, ENEL, E.ON AG; Transelectrica’s 400/220/110kV connection and transformer substations; hydro power plants; thermal power plants.

Date tehnice alternativ current direct current
Rated voltage Ue maximum 400Vca maximum 220Vcc
Rated current In maximum 630A maximum 250A
Rated short-time withstand current  Icw/1sec 25kA 16kA
Protection degree IP43

Technical data extended text: Low Voltage Catalogue (.pdf)

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