Creativity smiles and support

Focused with openness on the society and the community in which it operates, to bring joy, Electroalfa is involved in social action.
Winter feasts gives us all the opportunity to stand still for a moment out of the daily fast activities and to look around us. A moment to give, to surprise, to bring happiness.

This year, Electroalfa is with people with psychiatric disabilities in the Sanatorium of Neuropsychiatry Podriga, Botosani. We want to support them, to reintegrate them into society, by confirming their membership in the community.

We built-up and supported this action in order to increase the chance for social reintegration of these people. Our support helps them to continue to be active, to develop their talents. We gave them the joy of being engaged in creative activities and the result of their work was rewarded by buying Christmas ornaments, handmade of rose branches, fallen needle leaves, pine cones, string raspberry and blackberry, rosehip, thistles.

Because we considered these gifts as being special by their emotional value and signification, we offered them to our collaborators, together with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes, a lot of success and fulfilments.

Although our gesture of support is a small step, it is, however, a step forward bringing joy on these people faces. We intend to continue the development of this kind of actions also during 2008, through which we sustain diverse areas, with concerted efforts.